FNSA Bylaws- Article XII., Section 4.

"The Membership Committee shall:
(a)  Be chaired by a Regional Director appointed to the position by the President and approved by the Executive Board at the post-convention Executive Board meeting. 
(b)  Be responsible for coordinating activities for Nursing Student Week after consultation with the Executive Board. 
(c)  Correspond with all chapter Membership Chairs for an exchange of ideas and activities. 
(d)  Send mail-outs prior to convention to all chapter Membership Chairs informing them of convention plans. 
(e)  Work on recruitment of nursing students for membership on both state and local level. 
(f)  Perform all other duties pertaining to the office."


Sibella Glavan, Region 1 Director
Florida State University


*There is no separate fee in joining FNSA. Once you join NSNA, you are also a member of FNSA!*

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Want to start a new chapter?

To register your chapter for NSNA membership you can request a Start-A-Chapter kit from NSNA at the following link: www.nsna.org/start-a-chapter-program.html. NSNA has a 10-member minimum required for constituency status. Then your members can pay their dues and register under your chapters name. Each member will have to register separately through the NSNA website (membership through NSNA also give you membership to FNSA). A year of membership is $35 and two years is $70.