FNSA Bylaws- Article XII., Section 10.

"The Committee on Bylaws shall:
(a)     Be chaired by the First Vice-President and consist of members who represent each region of the state, when possible. 
(b)     Receive suggestions for amendments to these bylaws. 
(c)     Submit all proposed amendments to the Executive Board of this association and the NSNA Committee on Bylaws for review and approval. 
(d)     Submit proposed amendments for the following year to all FNSA chapters at least two months prior to the annual meeting. 
(e)     Review the respective bylaws and subsequent amendments of constituent associations and refer recommendations for action thereof to the Executive Association, Section 3, of these bylaws. 
(f)     Perform all other duties pertaining to the office" 


Pramitkumar Patel, 1st Vice President
South University

Please fill out this constituency form and turn in through the following jot form link by October 7th: https://form.jotform.us/fnsa1stvp/Constituency2017 

Please fill out this delegate form and bring to the FNSA convention